Do They Take Supplements?

You can bet your bottom dollar that those Hollywood stars that have really great skin take some sort of supplementation to help achieve their youthful glow, clear acne free skin, or generally healthy aura.  There are so many skin health supplements out there, ranging in price and quality of course, that can help you get the look you want for your skin.

However, the real part of your life that you need to address in order to get beautiful skin isn’t just popping a supplement. A supplement alone does not make up for a poor diet or exercise regimen.  Rather, supplements complement these important steps in maintaining gorgeous, youthful, supple skin.

Celebrities who seem to look perpetually young, like Demi Moore and Jennifer Aniston, who both look half their age, get this appearance not by just taking supplements (which I’m sure they have an arsenal of in their medicine chest), but they also do healthy things for their body like eat the right foods, exercise regularly, and practice healthy habits – perhaps things like quitting smoking or drinking alcohol sparingly.

There are a lot of high end vitamins that are out there that are rumored to be used by Hollywood types, such as Perricone MD vitamins, which are formulated by the famous Dr. Perricone who wrote books such as the Perricone Prescription – which by the way I highly recommend.

He gives great tips on the right kinds of vitamins to take and the right foods to eat as well as lifestyle habits to participate in to naturally slow the aging process and to help with other common skincare complaints like acne and rosacea.

He does offer his own line of vitamins, and they are a really great quality – however, you can also find these similar vitamins for a lower cost elsewhere – you just have to read reviews on them and make sure they are of a higher quality.

Some of the vitamins he typically recommends, which you can also find information on elsewhere, are Vitamin C ester, vitamin E (although this vitamin is fat soluble, and you have be VERY careful not to over do it), DMAE which is derived from the skin of fish and is known to help with skin firmness both externally and internally, omega 3 fats, and hyaluronic acid among others.

Not surprisingly, these vitamins are also excellent for the skin when applied topically.