What Essential Tremors Natural Remedies can You Use?

Before you try any essential tremors natural remedies, you must make an effort to eliminate the factors that are causing it to get worse. Avoiding alcohol and caffeine can help a lot if you are having this problem as well as getting enough sleep. You might also want to talk to your doctor about changing your medications if they are causing you tremors, or at least, if that is not possible, reducing the dosage, but do not change the dosage or discontinue using the medication yourself. In addition, you might also find some aid in meditating and yoga for your tremors.

The herb Valerian is one of the widely recommended essential tremors natural remedies because it is very good in calming your nerves, but also helping you go to sleep. This is the same herb from which a famous drug Valium is derived from; the only difference is in the potency of the two. In its natural form, Valerian has a much milder effect on the body. This herb is best used just before you go to bed as it can help you relax when you need to sleep

Here is another one of essential tremors natural remedies that work very well. Both fish and cod liver oil not only have anti-inflammatory properties, but can also aid by keeping your brain neurons healthy. The anti-inflammatory properties of the two oils is very helpful as it is often that an inflammation causes symptoms that make your ET condition even worse, so dealing with it helps a lot.

Essential Tremors Natural Remedies: Other Remedies and Conclusion

There are, of course, other essential tremors natural remedies that you can use. For instance, two of the most widely recommended ones are the Passionflower and the Skullcap. The problem with these two herbs is that, although they have the same calming properties like the Valerian, unlike this herb, they can cause dizziness. Therefore, if you are prone to it, you should avoid using these two herbs, or at least start at a lower dosage and gradually go up from there if needed. Another often-recommended ET remedy is a combination of balanced B complex, Valerian and Fish or Cod Liver Oil.

This might be a little expensive, but if you can afford it, a dose of 50-100mg daily is a good way to start. Speaking of B vitamins, eating foods that contain it, such as leafy green veggies, dairy, poultry, egg yolks, beans, peas and whole grains can help a lot with essential tremors. You cannot find B vitamins in processed foods, only in fresh, unprocessed ones. These natural remedies shouldnt interact with one another, so you can safely use them together if you wish, make sure, however, that you first talk to  your doctor, or a herbalist about any possible allergies or other problems that you might be having because of them, especially if youre using certain prescription drugs that could interact with them.