Best energetic foods to eat before a workout

When going for workouts, it’s generally advised to eat something before you lift something.  It is a must advice for every workout individual- whether he/she is a beginner or has become a professional. You just need enough carbohydrates and protein before a long- hour workout like lifting, running, cycling etc. So, here are the best things to eat before doing a workout. These provide a stream of energy during the exercise, which may provide nutrients to repair the tore muscles afterwards.

So, these are the best foods to eat before a workout:

-1.      Bananas:-     This is a very good supplement to eat before workout as it provides the essential protein for re- building the muscles and tissues. The Banana is rich is carbohydrates, as well as potassium, which typically boots your energy level.

2.      Chickpeas:-   They provide you with a good powerful energy, without any cooking involved. It contains a handsome amount of proteins, fibres and carbohydrates for a great workout. Just eat ½ or full cup of Chickpeas with some Lemon on it.

3.      Egg Whites:-  The Egg Whites will be a very good option for you if you can afford daily. You will just have to boil it, then just remove the yellow part from it. Because, the yellow part will make you somewhat sluggish. Just eat the white part of it, or make an omelette of the white part.

4.      Dried Fruits:-  You can try dried berries, apricots and other dried fruits. This also helps you get instant energy.

5.      Yogurt:-  It is very rich in proteins, and provides you with a good amount of energy.

6.      Oats:-   Oats are a good source of fibre, which facilitates a good amount of carbohydrates, and a steady release of energy during your workouts.

7.      Protein Shake:-  Have a combination of 1 cup cold coffee with 1 cup of protein shake to boost you up. This shake adds you a good amount of caffine, with proper power and energy.